"My daughter has thrived under the tutelage of Vanessa Kahen. We've tried other tutors - who were great - but Vanessa is hands-down our favorite. She is fun, flexible, unfailingly upbeat, and has a great handle on exactly what my daughter, who has a mild learning issue, needs. She is a real advocate, taking the trouble to coordinate with my child's teachers as well.  Vanessa has taught my daughter concrete strategies that allow her to tackle math problems and improve upon and express herself in her writing. She's top-notch." 
Dulcy J., Park Slope, Mother of 5th grader

"In addition to having a number of solid strategies to keep kids on task and motivated while working, Vanessa also brings a calm, encouraging demeanor, a warm, friendly disposition and a level of patience that is unparalleled. Not only has my son improved in the quality of work he is able to complete, but, more importantly, he no longer dreads homework like he once did."
- Angie M., Park Slope, Mother of 4th grader


"The students always seemed to gravitate to Ms. Kahen and her warm, vibrant personality. Ms. Kahen's patience and teaching skills were excellent as she motivated young students and helped enhance their self-esteem. She brings to her classroom a unique combination of a dynamic, creative personality, patience, skill and concern for students. She creates a vibrant, stimulating learning environment for her students that nurtures and encourages students' efforts and learning."
Brenda F., Long Island, Special Education Coordinator